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ARTIST : Kevin Caplicki

I am a self-taught artist that uses materials that are easily accessible, with beginnings in stencil graffiti, later gravitating to other forms of printmaking due to its reproducibility and populist history. As a result of the... read more

ARTIST : Josh MacPhee

U.S. funded and produced bulldozers are regularly used in Israel to destroy the homes of Palestinians. Josh MacPhee is a member of the Justseeds Artists’ Cooperative (, co-editor of Signal: A Journal of... read more

ARTIST : Mark Martin

Making art that questions our thinking on various social justice issues. What if there were no borders? Why do people have borders but money doesn't? The U.S., Mexico, and Canada have one economy so why do we have three countries?... read more

ARTIST : Raul Vazquez Lopez

BIO:  Raul was born in Durango, Mexico and travelled with his family to the U.S. as a child. He graduated from Rudy Lozano Leadership Academy in 2012. He currently attends Harold Washington City College and resides in the Little... read more

ARTIST : Irma Sanchez

Guilty until Proven Innocent comes from my SB1070 Postcard Series I handed out during protest in Central Phoenix. It also represents current "Sentenced to Debt" topics that are about people placed in jail for unpaid court... read more