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To “outgrow” means to mature beyond an old, exhausted way of being into a recreated existence that is better suited for the tasks at hand.  Today we face monumental challenges and decisions as a global community.  For survival, it is critical that we wisen up to the current tired socio-politico-economic status quo and mature beyond it.  While throwing a wrench in the gears may work on a small scale, we can effectively jam the system on a much grander scale by collectively outgrowing it.  By developing beyond it, we render it useless.  The daisies here are harbingers of Spring and rebirth.  They are representative of our natural capacity to rise up out of the bleak, mundane understory and reach for the sun.  Our roots will intertwine and overgrow the rusty gears, I can already feel it.

BIO:  Nina Maria Montenegro is a Chilean-American artist and designer.  She is a wilderness guide for Signal Fire, an organization that provides opportunities for artists and activists to engage in the natural world. Montenegro's art practice crosses disciplines to advocate for an ecologically-viable and socially-just future. She lives and works on an organic farm outside of Portland, Oregon.

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ARTIST : Nina Montenegro

CATEGORY : Alternatives