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The 'Hands Up! Don’t Shoot' poster reflects the current national debate on the Ferguson, Missouri shooting on August 9, 2014. Citizens, political leaders and professional athletes are showing solidarity with their Hands Up! Don't Shoot protest. The use of lethal force in the death of Michael Brown, racial discrimination and excessive use of police force are expressed concerns by protesters. 

BIO:  Since the late 1990's, Francis has used a varied practice of installation, sculpture, painting, graphic design and drawing to explore the complex relationship between social, political and environmental issues. In 2013 Francis began a commissioned piece called 'Reflections of Being', arguably his largest outdoor sculpture for the University of Mississippi, Museum in Oxford, MS. Through labor-intensive hand forming of stainless steel, welding and fabrication. Currently Keith is exhibiting a conceptual mixed media art piece examining the racial segregation and disenfranchisement of African Americans rights to vote in the South, called 'Let's Vote' for a "Commemorative of the Civil Rights Movement: 1964-1968" at Delaware State University, Dover, DE.



Project Details

ARTIST : Keith Francis

CATEGORY : Policing