Stay Informed

Walking  towards  the United Nations 

Cold , crisp day 

Streets blocked off.  Barricades.   

Only certain streets have  access.  Fixed and limited route.  

Hemmed  in  by hundreds of people, shoulder to shoulder.  

Police at every turn of the head.  

Then the police on horses .  Huge  horses.  


Moved to walk on any available sidewalk space. 

Away  from the horses.  

Blue wall of police,  holding white plastic handcuffs.  

Intimidation.   Intimidation.  Intimidation.  

February 2003, New York City,  Protesting the Iraq War 

BIO:  Rochelle  Shicoff’s  paintings are exhibited nationally and internationally. She is a member of Gallery A3 in Amherst, Massachusetts. Her latest series of Paintings is titled “ After  All The Leaves Have Fallen: Muslim  Women and Their Traditions.” Her intent is to bring the viewer into greater appreciation, through visual expression, of women in  Middle Eastern cultures.  In  1980 she was awarded the Rome Prize Fellowship in Painting.  She is co-author of “The Mural Book: A Practical Guide for  Educators” published by Crystal Productions. Her murals can be seen in New York City,  Massachusetts, Florida and Taxco, Mexico.  

Project Details

ARTIST : Rochelle Shicoff

CATEGORY : Policing