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Stand Up Fight Back: Demilitarize the Police. The giant in this poster is a personification of the almighty dollar and the security state that backs it up. The dog he holds on a leash spits out hate in the form of policies used to demonize poor people, to drive a wedge in society between us. The dog is the prison system, but is also made up of the media, corporate interests and the police state. This embodiment of the power of the security state is challenged by the people… small and weak individually in numbers we can restrain the beast.

BIO:  Art Hazelwood calls himself an artist, impresario and instigator. He has put together artists’ retrospectives, organized nationwide political art shows, and curated several museum exhibitions including a traveling show on responses to homelessness from the 1930s and the present, and a show on the political art of the 1930s. He is art editor and contributor to House Keys Not Handcuffs:Homeless Organizing, Art and Politics in San Francisco and Beyond, 2014. His artwork ranges from screenprint posters to fine press artist books and public art projects. His prints are in public collections including the Whitney Museum of American Art, the Library of Congress and regularly appear in homeless activist street papers including the Street Sheet and Street Spirit. He has been a project based guest artist at San Quentin State Prison since 2008. He teaches printmaking at the San Francisco Art Institute.

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ARTIST : Art Hazelwood

CATEGORY : Policing