Stay Informed

I accepted the invitation to produce a poster for All of Us or None: Response and Resistance to Milatarism because I welcomed the challenge to add my “voice” visually. With all the wars abroad, and the protests taking place at home right now, in response to the the avoidable deaths and violence, I thought long, trying to figure what I could add. I could only come up with the same thing over and over. Education. Educating ourselves and our children to transcend what is thought to be true, and to learn to look deeper. Look beyond appearances. Find a common thread. Racism, fear, violence, hatred and ignorance are taught. Peace, tolerance, common concerns, sharing resources, negotiating; these things can also be taught.

BIO: I am a muralist/painter, and a part time elementary art teacher in Chicago. My artwork is in hospitals, hotels, schools, private residences and most recently, a bank. I am married and have 2 teenagers. Growing up with 9 brothers and sisters, I learned the value of getting along though not always agreeing. My extended family consists of northerners, southerners, hunters, vegetarians, liberals, conservatives, catholics, jews, atheists, baptists, army veterans, a police officer, and I am sure I am leaving someone out, but I think we still try to find a common ground and respect that.

Project Details

ARTIST : Andrea Gallagher

CATEGORY : Alternatives