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My artistic endeavor is driven by my fascination with the conflict, in its every aspect and form. My means of exploration itself involves conflict, as I confront contradicting visual elements, incompatible materials, ideas and behavior, art and technology. Social phenomena compel me. Assuming that every socially engaged activity bears a political label, I acknowledge the political in my work. Preferring the politics of revolution to the politics of evolution, I punctuate my statements about identity and freedom through alchemy of materials and techniques. This transformation of materials in my work acts as a metaphor for the transformation of society. By giving the materials new names and meanings, emphasizing their identities through contrast to each other, I create a coded language. This language then becomes my vehicle for decoding the unexplainable and bridging the insurmountable. More than mere narrative, this layered process of transmutation and translation for me proves highly satisfying and effective. Accepting the confrontation as not necessarily a negative, albeit violent process, I hope for the successful merge of the tradition and the new, adapting our ever- changing interaction to develop along with the society.

BIO: Blazo Kovacevic (b. Podgorica, Montenegro) received a B.F.A. in studio art from the University of Montenegro in 1997, and an M.F.A. in painting from the Pennsylvania Academy of The Fine Arts in 2000. Kovacevic had his work presented in the United States and Europe in numerous solo and group exhibits. He curated several exhibitions and organized the first International Festival of Digital Arts in Montenegro. Kovacevic has received numerous awards for his work, has been interviewed and reviewed in relevant art publications and various other media outlets such as Internet, TV and radio. His work is part of numerous private and museum collections. Kovacevic’s work is driven by his fascination with conflict and is represented through the exploration and confrontation of contradicting visual elements, incompatible materials, ideas and behavior, art and technology. Social phenomena is a reoccurring theme in his work. Kovacevic is currently assistant professor of art and design at Binghamton University SUNY.

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ARTIST : Blazo Kovacevic