Stay Informed

Two years ago, easy access to guns in America resulted in the deaths of 28 children and adults at the Sandy Hook Elementary School. With two school-age children of my own, I was incredibly moved and saddened by this sad and terrible event. As an American artist who does not live in the United States, what could I do? What difference can I make? This piece is came directly from me trying to answer these questions. Let us STOP the violence brought about by guns. Let us STOP our gun culture which promotes the idea that more guns lead to more safety. Guns have no place in schools. I was and remain hopeful that the tragic outcome from this will lead to true reform in America, but we must not wait. 

BIO:  I am a printmaker from New Orleans, Louisiana in the deep South of the United States, a region known for both its culture and its contrasts. While I draw greatly on my background and studies in art and design, my work also reflects my education in and appreciation of craft. Having lived in France since 2002, the distance from the US is evident in my current work, which explores the myths of America – the West, the South, the road, evolving expectations of the American man – and plays with the double meanings of words or a phrase, challenging the images we associate with them. My work is mostly larger format, while my lighter and smaller pieces are thanks to my two young daughters and learning to see life in France through their eyes.

Project Details

ARTIST : Rebecca Allaigre