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Nov 03, 2015 Artist Spotlight: Art Hazelwood

In the "Artist Spotlight" series, we go behind the posters to hear directly from several of the artists...

Artist: Art Hazelwood: San Francisco, CA

Artwork: Stand Up Fight Back: Demilitarize the Police

What do you like to do when you aren't making art?

I’m pretty much focused on different aspects of art all the time. That could be working with the estates of artists who have died and trying to keep their legacy alive, it could be organizing exhibitions, it could be teaching. At the moment I am starting to work on a project at San Quentin State Prison with inmates making screenprints. 

Who has been a big inspiration for you as an artist?

At the moment I think of the Taller de Grafica Popular and especially one of the founders, Leopoldo Mendez as an inspiration. From the late 1930s well into the 1960s Mendez created a powerful body of prints that addressed the struggles of the Mexican people. 

What role can art play in resisting militarism & state violence?

Art has a specific role in giving vision to a movement. At its best art can provide something that reaches people without the lecture and the data. It can provide an emotional connection to an issue. It isn’t sufficient in itself but it plays a vital role in building the solidarity needed to engage in struggle.