Stay Informed

In response to growing city-wide pressure, Chicagoans young and old find ways to push back against the prolific propaganda of pro-policing factions. This utilitarian piece, meant for home and shop windows, is meant to counter messaging around my block that calls on neighbors to watch and report each other to the local police. It is part of a larger thought and art project meant to problematize police-lead campaigns to increase neighborhood vigilantism, and to give the passerby pause when they think about what it means to promote community safety. 

BIO:  Eva Nagao is the Director of the Exoneration Project in Chicago, and a general Midwestern rabble-rouser. When her art is made, it is made late at night at the behest of organizers and activists that are her seniors in all ways except the production of digital media. As a prison abolitionist who faces the criminal justice system daily and head on, Eva takes refuge in the creativity and beauty with which her community is able to counter the prison-industrial complex with their fierce kindness and infectious art.

Project Details

CATEGORY : Alternatives, Prisons