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This pulp print is on Combat Paper, and the text DE•MIL•I•TA•RISEreflects the process of transforming a military uniform into Combat Paper.

1.) Liberating the cotton rag by cutting the uniform into small pieces;
2.) Pulping the rag in a Hollander Beater, which beats the cotton fibers into paper pulp;
3.) Pulling sheets of paper;
4.) A symbol of repression is transformed into a tool for expression and creativity: 

BIO:  Aaron Hughes is an artist, teacher, organizer, and Iraq War veteran, whose work seeks out poetics, connections, and moments of beauty, in order to in order to construct new languages and meanings out of personal and collective traumas. He use these new languages and meanings to create projects that attempt to de-construct systems of dehumanization and oppression.

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CATEGORY : Alternatives, War