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Oct 02, 2015 Art Comes Off the Wall in Greensboro

During August and September, images from the Humanize Not Militarize exhibit were displayed throughout Greensboro, North Carolina. Organizers wanted to achieve the greatest “access” to those they wanted to reach, so they displayed the exhibit in three locations: University North Carolina at Greensboro, and Guilford College, as well as the Interactive Resource Center in downtown Greensboro.  And in addition, they took the art off of the walls and took it with them to demonstrations, meetings and press conferences!

What was really powerful about these posters was the messages they brought to wherever they were displayed. For example, one poster (‘No Peace No Justice’) was shown at an NAACP press conference. This poster worked well in this setting because the words stitch together many injustices people face today: criminal justice, the environment, healthcare, education, poverty, housing, fair wage, police brutality, and more. Organizers reflected that though the poster only received a few seconds of viewing time at the press conference, its visibility still contained a strong message; a message that demonstrates that the American people will no longer stand on the sidelines and silenced. They will use their collective voices to be heard. No justice--no peace.

Overall, the posters deeply resonated with the work of AFSC in Greensboro. The images were not simply displayed in public settings, they were also taken to Congressman Mark Walter’s office, and used in demonstrations throughout the community. It seems that AFSC Greensboro’s concern with ‘access’ really paid off in the end, giving greater visibility to the message of this project in its first few months.