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This poster is the result of a collaboration between myself and my friend and pen pal, Mutope Duguma. Mutope is a New Afrikan author and educator, currently imprisoned in the SHU (Solitary Housing Unit) at the Pelican Bay State Prison in Crescent City, CA. You can read Mutope's writing here and via the San Francisco Bay View newspaper.  You can write to Mutope here: Mutope Duguma (s/n J. Crawford), D-05996, D2-107Low (SHU), P.O. Box 7500, Crescent City, CA 95532. Mutope and I have been writing for just over a year, after connecting through the Human Rights Pen Pal program, which matches people seeking to write to one another through the walls. More information here

This linocut is based on a quote that Mutope sent me, which I illustrated with imagery of the prison that he is currently incarcerated in, in solitary confinement, with birds flying out towards his words, to represent the freedom that I wish for him and all people currently caged in U.S. prisons. As a white woman born in the U.S., I am only just learning of the atrocities that this country commits against communities of color globally and domestically, and in specific, how this white supremacist government utilizes prisons to cage and terrorize Black or New Afrikan people, as well as Native people and many communities of color. Despite all this, however, peoples' resistance is alive and I take Mutope's words about how each of us has a responsibility seriously.

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ARTIST : Annie Banks and Mutope Duguma

CATEGORY : Prisons