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This banner was created by The Radical Education Project, a direct action education initiative organized by We Charge Genocide and The Chicago Light Brigade. The project aims to create a network of direct action skill sharers who are empowered to assist in the planning of protests throughout the city of Chicago. This project centers the participation of young people, but has had an intergenerational impact. This piece was created to reflect the demand for reparations for torture survivors who were brutalized by the Chicago police, as well as a demand for transformative change. This project is being developed within an abolitionist, transformative justice framework and played a supportive role in advancing the first successful campaign to win reparations for police torture survivors in the country.  

Babur Balos, Caira Lee Connor, Jason Ware, Page May, Eli Gonzalez, Kelly Hayes, Remy, Ann-Meredith, Megan Grove, and other participants painted the banner.  Photo of the banner in use outside the Chicago City Council Chambers by Sarah Jane Rhee.




Project Details

ARTIST : The Radical Education Project

CATEGORY : Alternatives, Policing