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In memory of our visionary Michael McConnell , who had this “call for posters” in mind before he died…The poster “Push Back” is meant to remind all of us to speak up and act out against US national priorities, made alarmingly obvious in the outsized portion directed to the military in the annual budget of discretionary spending.   We can’t wait and hope for top down change—it will only come when “we the people” push back.

BIO; Lillian Moats is a Chicago area writer, artist and filmmaker.  The award winning animated art films she has produced with her partner JP Somersaulter have appeared in festivals around the world.  Their collected films will soon be housed at the Chicago Film Archive.  The award that has meant the most to her, however, is the “Speaking Truth to Power Award” given to her in 2013 by AFSC. Lillian participated in “Windows and Mirrors: Reflections on the War in Afghanistan” and has produced artwork in various media for AFSC initiatives and fundraising since 2001. To view her art work (the proceeds from which go to AFSC) as well as her books and a filmography, please visit 

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ARTIST : Lillian Moats

CATEGORY : Alternatives