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The demilitarization of America’s police force is an issue that has been present for years. With the increasing number of African American men being shot down by the hands of the law—be it Michael Brown, Oscar Grant, or Eric Garner—this issue must be confronted by artists, writers, political leaders, and students—the future of this country. In our piece, Choked by Excess, Lead by Corruption, we chose to use humor to address the demilitarization of the police. The excess stacks of donuts, that choke the officer and tower in the background, stand as a metaphor for the overwhelming amount of funding and military resources our police departments are receiving. Are all these weapons and riot gear really helping to stop crime and keep people safe? Or is this the very thing that is choking the police’s reputation and increasing the amount of killer cops? These are the questions we invite the viewer to ponder when looking at our loud and satirical poster. 

BIO:  Michelle Williams and Henry Fey are students at the San Francisco Art Institute. Both study Printmaking, with a focus in screen print, relief, and letterpress art. Henry’s work shows a strong sense of design and boldness. He focuses on the use of text, symbols and layering, to convey a message of humor and satire. Michelle’s work highlights some of today’s issues such as spatial justice, environmental destruction, and a need for reliable food sources. Originally a photographer, she has a keen sense of composition and organization that helps bring these important issues to the forefront.

Project Details

ARTIST : Michelle Williams and Henry Fey

CATEGORY : Policing