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Art Cannot Serve Two Masters

I was raised without money, and continue to live without. It is with this honest perspective that I make art, both of and for those living on the margins of dominant society. As a Contemporary Political Artist, my work widens the spectrum of Art's focus, bringing into view the lives of many groups that are underrepresented in the Arts. It is my mission to then show these works in a manner that scrambles the presumed hierarchy of exhibition spaces; in newspapers, magazines, journals, zines, fliers, online, museums, art fairs, galleries, reading rooms, freight trains, and the streets. Each messenger reaches a different and equally important audience.

Every creation begins with a journey; a mental sojourn, a walk into the woods, or a trip across the country. On these adventures, artifacts are collected and later reconfigured to illustrate specific places, peoples, and stories encountered. This process of bricolage (a poetic combining of ready-at-hand materials) celebrates the improvisational, the ramshackle, and the imperfect, through exposing the primacy embodied in naive creation and the objects we leave behind.

In my work, I utilize junk paint and dumpstered rollers to create political slogans on abandoned factories; scraps of cardboard are collaged with children's drawings, forgotten letters, and anonymous family photos; decomposing wood is combined with rusted cages and graveyard flowers. My work speaks for a withdrawn, voiceless people; a people who serve a higher master than commerce. We follow a burning desire and need that comes from somewhere beyond.  

BIO:  Adam Void transforms the debris of contemporary society into works that address social & political issues of class, control, and community. He is dedicated to exploring the details of countercultures particular to his experience: DIY culture, graffiti, hard traveling, social activism, mysticism, and the concept of "the outsider." A recent body of work continues to unearth the contemporary legacy of Black Mountain College, and the post-NYC Art World.

A.Void has shown his work nationally with institutions such as The Brooklyn Academy of Music, Printed Matter, The Steinberg Museum of Art, and the Museum of the City of New York, as well as non-conventional spaces including Anarchist Infoshops, Dive Bars, Skate Shops, and Water Drainage Tunnels. His work has been featured in Juxtapoz, Showpaper, and Maximum Rocknroll, in addition to the websites, Vandalog, Daily Serving, and Brooklyn Street Art. His work can be found in the esteemed collections of Museum Directors, Futurologists, Pioneers of Hip Hop, Incarcerated Criminals, Angry Teenagers, and Panhandlers.

Adam has an MFA from MICA's Mount Royal School of Art and a BA in Existential Philosophy. He was born and raised in the American South, and has lived for many years in overpopulated cities. He currently resides in a remote outpost, deep in the mountains of North Carolina.

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ARTIST : Adam Void

CATEGORY : Prisons