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I use printmaking, comics, zines, and animations to narrate the social and physical effects of failed city planning and industrialization. Looking at these attempts of city renewal and revitalization emphasizes how the injustices within the American system can be seen within urban planning, as well as the type of resources that are given and that are taken away from it's people. I focus on how human behavior can affect our environment within landscape imagery since it can describe the people, economic status, culture, and struggles they encounter. My use of the elevated perspective and scale shift of landscapes is a way to highlight the intimate and hidden experiences of daily life. By examining perspectives, the viewer is able to see how land is occupied with its emotional attributes to society and the natural world. The structures we encounter today can prevent us from taking our chosen paths. Urban plans can create rifts between social classes such as how highways cut into the middle of cities creating economic and racial divisions. I aim to raise awareness of such issues and to provide visual insights on how people inhabit our world differently.

BIO:   Nicole Rodrigues was born in New Jersey and went to the Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore, MD where she got a BFA in Printmaking. She currently lives in Philadelphia, PA and is a FOB Holder at Second State Press.

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ARTIST : Nicole Rodrigues

CATEGORY : Prisons