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I've always liked minimalism and visual metaphors. The United States appear to be full of contradictions: The land of unlimited possibilities, freedom being the highest goal, while at the same time an incredibly high percentage is behind bars. 

BIO:  I have studied Film and Media in Kiel, Germany and have published a.o. about James Cameron and David Lynch. PUBLISHED IN: Robynne Raye: 1,000 Dog Portraits: From the People Who Love Them. Rockport 2014 “Mut zur Wut” 2013 catalog Websites. 100% Loaded Feierabend Verlag LO3O, zeixs unique books, 2012 Book of the Year Vol. 3: 365 Days dedicated to Graphic, Packaging & Product Design (Design & Book of the Year) New Typography (Zeixs) Logos 2. Bright Ideas from around the World. (Bright Books / David E. Carter) Annual Design Awards 2011 (ANNDAS) 200 Ways to Tackle Nuclear Power and Radiation Pollution ~ “No Nukes Art Project” Poster Collection (published by Shinjindo. Inc. 2012). GROUP EXHBITIONS Fourth Block Triennial 2012, Charkow, Ukraine Plakat Sozial / Leipzig “Occupy: What’s Next?” Exhibition, Leipzig New Townhall 2012 + Listhaus, Leipzig, 2012 “Branded”, Handel’s Court Gallery, Chester (UK) 2012 “Dragon Project for Japan”, Paris, College of Art, 2012 + Fukushima 2013 “Opening the Black Box: The Charge is Torture”, Sullivan Art Galleries, Chicago (2012) “The Story of the Creative”, New York, Angel Orensanz Foundation, 2013 “Mut zur Wut“, Heidelberg, Justizzentrum, 2013 + Mannheim 2013 “Occupy: What’s next?”, Berlin, MedienGalerie, 2013 Papergirl Hamburg, affenfaust, 2013 Grand Cinema, Tacoma Film Festival, 2013 “Creatives Rising”, New York, 2013 Ficciones Typografika, online + Minneapolis 2014 World Graphic Day, Teheran + Alborz 2014 Art Takes Times Square, New York 2014 INFORMATION WAR Virtual Biennale, Galerie Altán Klamovka Prague 2014 See|Exhibition Space, New York 2014

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ARTIST : Hans Heydebreck

CATEGORY : Prisons